Design for All is a design philosophy that aims to ensure that environments, products, services and systems can be used by as many people as possible. It is a design model based on human diversity, social inclusion and equality and that responds to our way of understanding the world.

In Spain, the Law 51/2003 of December 2 on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility for people with disabilities, considers Design for All as an essential tool to achieve Universal Accessibility, and defines it as:

The activity for which it is conceived or projected, from the origin, and whenever possible, environments, processes, goods, products, services, objects, instruments, devices or tools, in such a way that they can be used by all people, to the greatest extent possible. “


Our contribution

From FIZZ IDEAS we want to highlight the concept of “human diversity”, understanding that it is the term that emphasises that all of the people that make up the human species are unique and different from each other.

For this reason, all our products are designed to try to reach the largest possible population, and as such eliminate the possible communication and relationship barriers that we may find in our society.

To begin with, our website has been interpreted into Spanish Sign Language, to facilitate access to content for users of this language.

Following this same criterion, within our possibilities, we will translate the contents into other languages in order to eliminate communication barriers and the limitations of access to content imposed by not mastering a certain linguistic code.

In the same way, all the products are designed to respond to the needs of diverse groups with functional diversity, to favour the inclusion of any individual who participates in games.

Our project is still being born … We need your contributions to improve it every day.