Evolutionary Stitching Frame

Evolutionary Stitching Frame

Evolutionary Stitching Frame

What is it?

The frame, measuring 26×24 cm with 4mm holes, is used to place different predesigned templates or your own creations and then follow the lines with different coloured laces.

Includes 5 paper templates.

Before starting the activity, the templates have to be pierced with a punch (included).

We also have blank templates to make your own designs and cards to download and print (to be able to start the activity as many times as you want).

We seek to promote creativity, fun and involvement while enjoying … And while learning!

Who is it for?

It is intended for children from 3 years old, being interesting and a lot of fun for a very wide range of ages.

It favours the development of good fine motor skills of the hands and fingers, and hand-eye coordination which is essential in the development of writing skills.


What does it develop?

– The development of fine motor skills.

– Hand-eye coordination.

– The development of the hands and fingers.

– The promotion of the capacity of attention and observation.

– Discrimination of shapes, objects and colours.

– Determination and perseverance.

Our frame includes:

– Birch wood frame.

– 5 templates with different levels of difficulty.

– Wooden punch to pierce the templates and distinguish the sewing spaces.

Through the following link you can download the 17 templates and the base to create your own designs.

Download the templates