Fizz Clock

Fizz Clock

Fizz Clock

What is it?

Manipulative watch to learn how time is structured in a very visual and clear way.

It includes a clock mechanism to turn it into a functional watch.

Size: 32 x 32 cm. Pieces made of 6.5 mm thick birch wood. Top made of pine wood. Protected with natural wax

Who is it for?

Before use, some prior knowledge is needed:

– Count up to 60: to be able to know the correlation between seconds, minutes and hours.

– Count in fives: necessary to be able to group the minutes according to the different intervals of the analog clock.

Suitable from the age of 6.


What does it develop?

  • Abstract thinking.
  • Logical – mathematical thinking.
  • Strengthens the learning of temporality.
  • Strengthening of mathematical concepts: increasing numbers, counting in fives, grouping numbers in base 60, etc.

How is it used?

It is made up of:

– 12 centrepieces (hours)

– 12 exterior pieces (5 minute blocks).

– 60 holes in the board (every minute of an hour)

To indicate a certain time, we use the pegs to indicate the current time and we turn over the pieces for the hours / minutes that have already passed.

Thus, we visually distinguish between future tense (with colour) and past tense (without colour).

These concepts are reinforced with the use of rubber bands, with which we mark the time by imitating the operation of the hands of a clock.

By placing the clock mechanism onto the board it becomes a real, working analog clock, which can be placed vertically on its base.

In the following video you can learn in a very visual way how our clock works: