Fizz Flower Press and Herbarium

Fizz Flower Press and Herbarium

Fizz Flower Press and Herbarium

What is it?

It comprises of two 20×20 cm birch pieces, with 4 usable surfaces (with MDF sheets and blotting paper sheets) to be able to dry a larger quantity of plant elements at the same time.

The pressure is exerted through 4 threaded screws that end in 4 flower-shaped beech wood handles, taking into account the ergonomics of children and seeking their autonomy in the task, avoiding any type of danger.

It is complemented by a HERBARIUM, made up of an A5 notebook kept in a wooden box, with a card/model on greaseproof paper inside, to draw up a classification system for the plants collected.


Who is it for?

From ages 4 to 99

What does it develop?

  • Brings children closer to the environment, favouring the abandonment of a sedentary lifestyle and promoting contact with nature.
  • It helps children to know the different types of plants, the cycle of the seasons, the correspondence between the birth and flowering of plants and the respective times of the year, etc.
  • Encourages live observation and experimentation.
  • Children learn to love and respect the environment..

How do you play?

Choose the flowers and leaves that you like the most from the countryside, trying not to leave too much time between harvesting and pressing as, otherwise, they lose properties.

Place the leaf or flower that you have chosen between two sheets of blotting paper and keep it there for about ten days. After this time, it can be taken out of the press and stored in the herbarium.