Fizz Elephants (Topological Puzzle)

Fizz Elephants (Topological Puzzle)

Fizz Elephants (Topological Puzzle)

What is it?

Three dimensional puzzle in birch wood with 5 pieces of different sizes in the shape of an elephant, and a support base which serves to favour construction and to increase the possibilities of play with the complementary activities that can be found on our website.

Suitable from 8 months of age, when children can start with symbolic play, distinguish sizes and work on fine motor skills, attention and perception while trying to assemble the puzzle.

Who is it for?

From 3 years old onwards,  the puzzle can be completed with the  “topology kit” downloaded from the webpage and work on topological concepts such as in front, behind, up, down, etc., establishing a relationship between the space in three dimensions ( the puzzle itself) and in two dimensions (the representation on the sheet).

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How is it used?

SYMBOLIC PLAY: 5 elephants of different sizes and colours, which remain standing. With these, the child can generate new realities.


The 5 pieces must be inserted into their respective holes. It can be built horizontally and vertically.

The difficulty is a bit higher than classic shape sorter games, because only a part of the piece fits and not the entire tile.

TOPOLOGICAL GAME: the first notions related to relative positions in space are worked on, enriching and lengthening the life of the game. The templates are available to download free on the website..

What does it develop?

  • Fine psychomotor skills.
  • Ability to self-correct.
  • Attention.
  • Association of ideas and synthesis of reality.
  • Visual and tactile perception.
  • Long-term consolidation of the notion of ordering, grouping, stretching, etc.
  • Acquisition of spatial notions.
Download the topological records
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