Learn Musical Language: Rhythm

Learn Musical Language: Rhythm

Learn Musical Language: Rhythm

What is it?

A set of 82 pieces of birch wood that represent the different music notes. The width of the pieces is proportional to the duration of the sound produced by the note they represent. So, for example, the piece that represents a minim is twice as wide as the piece that represents a crotchet.

Grooved wooden stands are included for manipulative placement during rhythmic dictation.

With the purchase of the tool, access to the download of 45 inclusive videos of rhythmic dictations with different levels of difficulty is included.

Who is it for?

The approach to musical language is a very versatile tool.

The recommended age would be from 7 years old, but it is also focused on anyone who wants to know the basic principles of music.

It is specially designed for people with hearing disabilities, as the videos have an inclusive component that allows them to effectively use this tool to perform rhythmic dictations.


What does it develop?

With this tool we work on attention and, in the case of people without hearing impairment, the ear.

The language of music is based on basic mathematical principles such as fractions. The manipulation of this material reinforces the concepts learned by little ones in this subject.

What do our videos contribute?

Music is a very difficult subject for deaf people. Music notes are something they cannot hear, but the rhythmic part of music is something they can understand and reproduce. To ensure that this group of people can use our tool, we have made our rhythmic sound dictations with a visual resource that shows us a pulse in the shape of a circle that appears and disappears with the same duration as the notes that can be heard in the audio. This also provides visual support for listeners that facilitates understanding and monitoring of dictations.

In our videos, we always have both a visual and a sound reference to a metronome (lower right corner) that marks the beats and the beginning of the bars.
The videos play the dictation twice before showing the solution to the dictation. In this way we can self-correct and replay as many times as we want.

All other music dictation videos can only be viewed and downloaded using the key included in the product instructions. To view and download them you must visit the following link:

musical dictations