What is it?

It is a rectangular shaped tool for weaving which we can use to create flat fabric. Parallel threads, called warps, are placed vertically. They are raised individually or in groups (using the thread lifter) forming an opening, called openwork, through which the threads that cross horizontally, called the weft, are interlaced. With the weave of the warp and the weft, a fabric is formed.

Who is it for?

Suitable for children from 5 years upwards.

What does it develop?

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination.
  • Improves control of your own body.
  • Improves patience and attention.
  • Develops fine motor skills.
  • Improves communicative interaction and language development.
  • Improves spatial orientation, permanence of the object or laterality.
  • Encourages the development of imagination with the design of fabrics.
  • Increases the practicality of effort.

How do you play?

-The Fizz Ideas Frame Loom is a starter loom.

-Before each new project, the first step is to place a warp. We can use the thread lift tool if necessary, depending on whether the objective is to work on the coordination of movements with the selection of even and odd or, on the contrary, to make a fabric with less difficulty.

We can make multiple types of fabrics with various techniques.

You can visit our Pinterest page to get ideas.

The last step is to remove the warp from the loom.

Our loom includes:

A wooden frame, a thread lift tool, two shuttles, a comb and the horizontal bar. It does not include any type of fabric or thread for making tapestries.

Through the following links you can view different video tutorials to learn how to use our loom:

Link to Pinterest