Waldorf / Montessori Creation Circle

Waldorf / Montessori Creation Circle

Waldorf / Montessori Creation Circle

What is it?

20 cm circular board with 10 pegs numbered from 0 to 9, going clockwise. It is accompanied by a ball of cotton thread and 9 self-correcting tokens.

It is a tool of the Waldorf teaching method to promote the learning of multiplication tables in a manipulative way, enriched with the introduction of cards that allow for self-correction, as proposed by María Montessori.

Who is it for?

It is a tool which favours the approach to mathematics in a manipulative way, working on fine motor skills and creativity from the age of 3.

It is especially recommended for children of approximately 8 years of age, when they are faced with learning the multiplication tables.

Círculo de creación waldorf / Motessori
Círculo de creación Waldorf / Montessori
Círculo de creación Waldorf / Motessori

What does it develop?

In mathematics, we start from something concrete to arrive at abstraction. With this product you can work on play, manipulation, creation, etc. to reach more abstract concepts of everyday life.

In addition, with this material it is possible to work with movement, with rhythms, etc. which can be transferred to paper, or use wool of different colours to distinguish each quantity.

How is it used?

– Free construction: make creative designs with the thread and work on fine motor skills.

– Representation of the multiplication tables: the mathematical process is worked on in a manipulative way, using a kinesthetic learning system in which the information is processed by associating it with sensations and movements according to the eurythmic approach established by Rudolf Steiner, forgetting the rote repetition associated with traditional teaching, and assimilating and internalising mathematical concepts. Using the cotton thread, the points of each multiplication table are joined forming a geometric shape, which will facilitate their acquisition.

With the self-correcting cards, the child can check if his/her result is correct or not.


Círculo de creación