Evolutionary Permanence Box

Evolutionary Permanence Box

Evolutionary Permanence Box

What is it?

This is a 23x23x17.5 cm birch box with four wheels, 7 beech game pieces and two interchangeable tops.

There are four games in one:

– Open object permanence box.

– Permanence box with drawer to open and close.

– Shape sorter game.

– Pull-along toy / treasure box.

Who is it for?

Due to its evolutionary nature, it is aimed at babies from 7-8 months to children of 2-3 years.

Caja de permanencia

How is it used?

There are 4 game types:

  1. The drawer remains open and has a lid with a single hole through which the child inserts a ball.
  2. The drawer opens and closes to retrieve the ball.
  3. Using the orange lid, the drawer becomes a shape sorter with 6 different shapes.
  4. The box, which has wheels, works as a pull along toy and treasure drawer (from 24 months)

What does it develop?

  1. Discovery of “object permanence”: even if we don’t see something, it can exist.
  2. Hand-eye coordination, self-esteem, motor skills, spatial vision, etc.
  3. Acquisition of concepts such as volume, geometric shapes, balance, symmetry, etc.
  4. Symbolic play.
Caja de permanencia