Sign Language Alphabet

Sign Language Alphabet

Sign Language Alphabet

What is it?

30 letters in birch wood measuring 6×8 cm with information on both sides.

Versatile design for dual use: learning Spanish sign language and an approach to literacy from the age of 3.

On one side, we have the alphabet of Spanish sign language and on the other, the calligraphic uppercase and lowercase letters. It includes consonants, vowels and digraphs of the Spanish language separated according to the colour code established by María Montessori.

Who is it for?

This is a very useful tool in the approach to literacy and a visual-gestural language in children from 3 years old.


What does it develop?

On one side is the sign language alphabet, which is the manual representation of the spellings of the alphabet of the oral language.

It is a tool used to:

  • Spell own names.
  •  Spell words that are unknown.
  • Identify and associate a sign with a word.

It allows us to:

  • Increase hand-eye coordination (necessary to establish the foundations of literacy).
  • Improve the precision of movements and control of the body itself.
  • Favour basic cognitive processes, such as perception, attention and memory (spatial, visual and tactile).
  • Encourage the elimination of communication barriers for people with sensory functional diversity.
  • Make children aware of functional diversity.

On the other side, we find Spanish spellings in gravure, which we can follow with the finger, in capital and small letters. They are distinguished by colour, following the principles of María Montessori’s sandpaper letters.


The lines are followed first with the finger and then with a pencil to finish working on literacy.

Sign Language Alphabet Video