Ladybird (Box of watercolours)

Ladybird (Box of watercolours)

Ladybird (Box of watercolours)

What is it?

Ladybird-shaped watercolour box made of pine; it hides 12 school watercolors under its wings, which will allow children to develop their creativity.

Who is it for?

Suitable from 36 months.

What does it develop?

El uso de un pincel para expresarse plásticamente permite:

  • The use of a brush to express oneself artistically has the following benefits:
  • The stimulation of the expression of feelings.
  • Fosters part of the innate creative capacity.
  • Favours the precision of movements.
  • Favours movement coordination.
  • Promotes sportsmanship.
  • Improves patience.
  • Develops fine motor skills of hands and fingers.
  • Recognition of colours and shapes.
  • Improves communicative interaction and language development.
  • Improves self-esteem

How is it used?

A space with water, paper and the box of watercolours is provided. Creativity is unleashed.

What does it include?

12 replaceable watercolor colours and a paintbrush.